Become Fiercely Independent by Blogging About What You Love

Proven methods to start and grow a blog without social media hacks, scavenging for backlinks, or pretending you are a guru online.

Blogging gain a bad rep because of what all the online gurus tell you to do with your blog – produce a shit load of content and stuff your website with ads.

But is that what blogging is all about?

Confuse your readers by bombarding them with a plethora of popping elements?

No. It shouldn’t.

Blogging shouldn’t be about adding ads to every pixel of your site.

Blogging shouldn’t be about outsourcing everything.

Blogging shouldn’t be about begging people to add links to your site.

Or constantly trying to find guest blogging opportunities.

Blogging – when done right. Can be a channel where you freely express your experience. Learn and master topics that interest you. Teach others about what you are learning. Connect with like-minded people. And earn a living in a genuine and not seductive way.

If you are looking for ways to earn money online but if you are tired of scavenging for backlinks and trying to hack social media to give you traffic. I offer simple but effective methods to grow an audience and income online through blogging.

Who am I?

Hello. My name is Ivaylo Durmonski.

I’m blogging online for more than a decade.

After 9 unsuccessful attempts of trying to make money online by blogging. I finally created a site that generates income in a way totally different from what modern online gurus try to force you to do. In particular, pay for AI-generated content and place as many ads as possible on your site.

On this site, Blogging Rebel. I share everything I’ve learned – and continue to learn – about blogging and about earning money online.

No. I won’t tell you to beg others for backlinks. No. I won’t try to convince you to repurpose your content on all social media accounts and never have the time to shower. Personally, I’m actively away from social media for more than 3 years now.

Everything I share is to help you create a writing routine – a system if you will. That will steadily gain you more readers.

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