Why You Should Start a Blog in 2022

Before I enlighten you on why you should start a blog. Let me tell you why I started blogging.

The year was 2009 – I think.

The World Wide Web was still a young place.

No YouTube. No fancy social media channels. Searching for something on Google didn’t always end up with the best result – well, I think this hasn’t changed much since then.

After being targeted for the thousand time by spammers trying to persuade me to buy a course that will supposedly make me a millionaire online by selling mugs. I decided to explore the world of online business on my own.

So it began!

I spend several hours researching. Fending off all kinds of pop-up boxes that wanted to convince me that I should get this or that – hey, another thing that hasn’t changed since then. Finally, I end up on a page that described how you can start a website for free. Well, you had to pay for the hosting, but the other steps seemed like you don’t have to break the bank.

Sadly, I was just fresh out of school and my bank account was dry like the mouth of a teenager after a huge party.

Yet, I happen to have just enough for a cheap hosting account.

What happened next was a series of lonely nights where I was trying to crack the code of creating a website with WordPress.

It took me months till I finally figured out what one should do to start a site. And here I’m talking only about the starting part. At that time, I still haven’t figured out exactly what I should do with what I had created.

It took me several years and dozens of failed attempts.

But before I bore you to death with my initial journey of starting a blog – I’ll probably cover the whole story in another post.

Let’s get back to the main question: Why you should start a blog?

Why You Should Start a Blog?

People blog for all kinds of reasons.

Some start personal blogs simply to document their lives.

Others blog so they can share with their family members updates about their lives.

Third, use blogging as a way to express themselves. Like journaling online.

As writing allows you to show your inner self to the world. Blogging allows you to do the same – you just replace the pen with the keyboard.

But as you can probably figure it out on your own.

Most people start a blog for one very simple reason: to make money.

See, making money blogging is a billion-dollar market – if not even more.

There are hundreds of tools that can help you start, grow, and monetize your blog – hosting companies, SEO tools, membership services, etc.

Besides, there are even more people online publishing content about blogging and how one should start.

And the reason behind this is very simple.

Blogging seems easy.

You just blog about your life and you seemingly make hundreds of dollars.

Yet, it only appears to be easy.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, and if your main desire is to make money through your blog. There is a high chance that you will waste your time and money – at least if you’re not willing to quickly bounce off after the initial setback.

I know this for a fact because…

I did waste my money after my first blog. Hell, I wasted even more after blogs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

But I didn’t lose one thing.

My enthusiasm to create content online and to continue learning on the topics that interest me remained.

Yes, making money from your blog is something I surely favor and strive to achieve with my blog.

But that shouldn’t be the only reason.

There are a couple of more:

To Make Money

Let’s get this out of the way first.

Yes, blogging is a great way to earn a full-time living or to earn a side income.

There are many ways you can earn dollars from your website – way too many to cover in this post. But the main point is that earning money from a blog is possible.

Don’t get distracted by what many online founders and bloggers try to persuade you. It’s surely not easy. It’s everything but easy.

But is it possible? It surely is.

To Master a Field

Often people don’t know what to blog about and start to write about whatever comes to mind. That’s probably the worst approach.

What I found out is that blogging allows you not only to reach an audience. But to become a master in a specific field.

Here my out:

By documenting your progress on a topic of your interest – say, if you are a developer and you’re blogging about how to learn a new programming language. You allow yourself to strengthen your knowledge, to practice on “paper” what you are learning. And with that, to form an audience of people who will eventually pay you for your efforts – if you create a course, for example.

To Learn New Things

This point is an extension of the above.

By writing about what you’ve just learned or encountered. You are getting better at it.

Since every new article requires actively thinking about the topic, there is no way for you not to upgrade your thinking about the subject itself.

To Discuss Important Topics

Social media websites might provide the opportunity to share what’s on your mind. But these time-wasters are not designed for discussing important topics. Talking about celebrities yes – absolutely. But talking about learning, covering topics related to human psychology, for example. These are often skipped and unfavored by the main user of social media websites.

With your blog, you can reach hundreds of people and ignite interesting conversations around topics that are rarely discussed. With this, not only expand our brains but allow our intellectual development and our capacity to live more fully in a world full of noise.

To Improve Your Writing

My first few blogs were disastrous.

Not only in terms of structure and business logic but also in terms of writing.

Grammar mistakes. Unlogical sentences. Unclear structure. Poor story-telling.

English is not my first language and I was quite a poor writer when I was in school. But after years of publishing posts online, I finally started to get what people want from a page.

This was all thanks to blogging.

With time, you get to see what entertains. What allows you to capture the readers’ attention and evoke emotions.

To Nurture Your Creativity

If you are stuck in a boring corporate job and if your life feels like is slowly drained by endless feeds of content. Starting a blog can give you a sense of meaning.

Creating a blog and taking care of it is like gardening. In the blogging case, is your digital garden.

You plant seeds that grow to become not only business opportunities but also expand your creativity and your desire to create.

To Stop Consuming

Personally, I think that one great benefit of blogging is that it prevents you from consuming. Instead of stuffing your brain with clickbait titles, you turn on creative mode.

There is so much content out there. You can literally drown in information.

But what if instead of staring at your phone all day, you do something with it. Why not create something? Something to be proud of.

Last Word

Obviously, there are many other reasons to start a blog – you can check my other post on reasons to start a blog.

But the main WHY on why you should start a blog should be this: To grow as a person.

A personal blog gives you the space to pursue a field that interests you and master it.

By thinking, writing, and publishing content on a specific topic you expand your skills and this allows you to upgrade both your lifestyle and your expertise.